Wimset is an Opera widget that puts a little notepad in your desktop
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Wimset is an Opera widget that puts a little notepad in your desktop.
The Opera widgets are free desktop applications that need the Opera browser installed in the system, but do not need this browser running to work. These programs have a common interface, that allows you to position the app, choose a size for its window, set the widget settings, allow it to use Geolocation, use a proxy server or access the developer tools.

Wimset offers a place where you can write down the ideas going through your head. You can write whatever you want into the sheet. If you have finished, you can press the "Submit" button. The program will then show the text you have entered, but you will not be able to edit it. The "Reset" button erases the content of the notepad. By pressing the arrow that appears in the top right margin, you can go on editing the text.

This program does not allow to save the text you have wrote in a file, and it does not change the size of its window to fit the size of the document you have written.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • It does not allow to save the text, and it does not modify the size of the window according to the size of the text. I think that Windows Notepad is much better
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